Fighting Loneliness and promoting positive mental health for young people in Nottingham

We are Nottingham’s only youth organisation dedicated to reducing loneliness and promoting positive mental health among people aged 16-35. 

Through a combination of one to one support, social groups, events, and more, we aim to create support networks and build communities between isolated young people.

Run by Nottingham locals who have had personal experience with loneliness and isolation in their lives, we are passionate about providing safe and welcoming spaces to all young people, regardless of background or circumstance. 

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support we provide

The Wolfpack Project offers supportive, meaningful connections for young people through one-to-one support with our Mental Health First Aid-Trained support team, as well as the chance of making new connections and meeting friends through our social groups. 

We run a variety of social groups and events for young people to get involved with, helping them to build bonds and create a social support network that they can rely on. Our groups range from coffee mornings to cinema trips, art workshops to walking groups, so that there is something that everyone will enjoy.

One to One

FREE assistance for young people facing loneliness or other challenges by our Mental Health First Aid-Trained support team.

Events and Trips

FREE outings and activities to meet new friends and build meaningful connections. From coffee mornings, cinema trips, art workshops, walking groups etc. There is something for everyone .

Support Groups

We are passionate about providing safe spaces for sharing, empathy, and mutual support among young people facing similar challenges.

Our Impact 

Young people joined The Wolfpack Project last year

Engaged through our stands and awareness campaigns

Engaged through workshops and projects.


Accessing our services from beyond NG1-NG9.

Different groups/events run across the year

It’s such a nice environment to take part in creating something without the pressure of what it looks like or how it turns out. It’s nice to be able to take the time to sit and make something, I wish I could do this more often in my daily life because the process is so relaxing and calming to do whatever you’d like and have enjoyed making it.

Lucy , Age 32

Support User, The Wolfpack Project

This is a kind and mindful group of people, and the weekly sessions are a really good way to meet lots of new people with different backgrounds and cultures. I’ve grown up in Nottingham, so it’s especially nice to meet new people who aren’t necessarily from the area and can learn a lot from them.

Emma , Age 20

Support User, The Wolfpack Project

Having socials in Beeston is a lot easier for me to get to so it’s nice to be able to pop down in this area rather than just the city centre. I’ve only been to the Wolfpack groups a couple times, but I made a friend already in the first group I went to, and we’ve met up at The Beeston Social again since the last group here.

Joel , Age 17

Support User, The Wolfpack Project

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Help us provide vital youth mental health support in Nottinghamshire during a Cost of Living Crisis!

Almost of half of young people (48%) believe better or increased access to youth work support would benefit their mental health (UK Youth). Young people across Nottinghamshire need The Wolfpack Project more than ever to be there for them.

As a result of a 70% reduction in funding so far this year, The Wolfpack Project is in need of your support to maintain the support services we provide for up to 2,300 young people every year across Nottinghamshire.

The Wolfpack Projects aims to raise £15,000 over the next 3 months to secure the funding needed to continue providing a safe space for those experiencing poor mental health and social isolation.