What is The Wolfpack Project?

Founded in 2019 by Damien Reynolds; The Wolfpack Project was established to combat the substantial, growing issue of youth loneliness as a serious public-health problem of our time. As a result of his own experience of loneliness, Damien set up the charity in his hometown of Nottingham.

Far from alone in his experience, Damien found that young people experienced loneliness more often and more intensely than any other age group, however few charities across the UK actively respond to the issue and provide young adults with the support needed. 

Whilst young people communicate more than ever (digitally), they’re forming less meaningful and lasting connections, with social media and online communication detracting from the time they invest in real-life social encounters. The uncertain times that Covid-19 has presented, has resulted in a ‘social recession’ whereby the issue of loneliness is evermore pertinent, with the effect of long-term isolation and chronic loneliness having a profound physical and psychological effect on young people and their mental health. 

This insight coupled with Damien’s own experience led to the formation of The Wolfpack Project, as a way to bring communities closer together, reduce the stigma of loneliness and provide a platform in which young adults can access the support to help them thrive.


Our Vision

For young people and adults to become better connected with the community around them, empowered to combat loneliness, broaden their support networks, and establish new friendships.

Our Mission

To identify, connect, and empower isolated younger people and adults and to provide support that allows them to overcome the barriers created by isolation.

By providing a network of projects where individuals can access support, young people will establish new friendships and form a wider support network that they can trust in hard times.

Our Values: Pact

Principled: We respect each other, thrive on diversity, and will always act in the best interests of the communities we serve. 

Ambitious: We’re determined to drive change and focus on how we make the most impact. We adapt and always strive for better; pushing ourselves and our boundaries. 

Connected: We collaborate internally and externally, to create a fairer society. We listen and share; learning and growing with the expertise of others. 

Transparent: We’ll be respectful, open, honest and accountable, and ensure the partners and agencies we work with, share the same approach. 

If you want to know more about the things we have achieved in the last few years,
you can find a link to our 2020/2021 BID Report here