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Corporate Partnerships with The Wolfpack Project

At The Wolfpack Project, we’re committed to forging meaningful partnerships with businesses and organisations that share our vision of reducing loneliness and promoting positive mental health among young people in Nottingham. We believe that corporate social responsibility should go beyond mere financial contributions and volunteer days—it’s about creating lasting and impactful change together.

Flexible Partnership Opportunities

We welcome businesses of all sizes to join us in our mission, offering flexible partnership options tailored to suit your company’s goals and resources.

Whether it’s hosting a fundraising event, supporting group costs, or collaborating on a regional campaign, there’s a level of involvement that anyone can support us on.

Investing in Young People and the Community

Partnering with The Wolfpack Project means actively supporting the leading youth charity in Greater Nottingham. Here’s a glimpse of our impact from 2022 to 2023:

  • Over 3000 individuals engaged through stands and campaigns across colleges and universities.
  • 32 different groups run across the year, catering to the varied interests and needs of young people.
  • More than 400 new young people joined The Wolfpack Project, finding a supportive community and resources to combat loneliness and improve mental well-being.
  • 20% of participants accessing the charity from beyond the NG1-NG9 postcode area.
  • Over 100 young people actively participate in our workshops and projects, gaining valuable skills and connections while addressing mental health challenges.

If your organisation is interested in making a lasting and meaningful impact in the community, we invite you to request our detailed guide to work with us.Reach out to to learn more about the unique corporate-charity partnership opportunities we offer.


    Of our corporate partners, feel they can align their CSR efforts with our cause. Their feedback indicates that this helped them drive positive social change while benefiting their bottom line and enhancing their reputation.

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      Highlighting the 'Belonging' Element

      We understand the importance of addressing loneliness in the workplace and promoting a sense of belonging among employees. That’s why we offer training for staff and managers, with bespoke options available, as well as opportunities for guest speakers at events to raise awareness and foster dialogue around mental health and inclusion.

      Over 2000 + Young people in Nottinghamshire are already benefiting from our services, your support will enable us to reach even more individuals and develop new initiatives to address emerging needs in the post-pandemic landscape.

      If your organisation shares our passion for making a lasting impact in the community, Here are a few partnership opportunities we could explore:

      Host or sponsor a fundraising event to support The Wolfpack Project’s programs and initiatives. 

      • Charity Galas: Organise an event featuring entertainment, auctions, and raffles to raise vital funds for The Wolfpack Project. With our established partnerships with local and city centre bars, cafes, restaurants and  community spaces, we can assist in finding the perfect setting for your events. 
      • Marathon/runs/walks: Participate in a sponsored marathons or walk, with proceeds going towards supporting young people’s mental health. Our charity has been fortunate to have dedicated runners supporting our cause in events like the Robin Hood Marathon.
      • Bake sales: Organise a bake sale at your workplace or community event, with proceeds going towards funding art-based materials or mental health sessions for young people.
      • Charity auctions: Collect donations of goods or services from local businesses and host a charity auction, with all proceeds supporting The Wolfpack Project’s initiatives.
      • Charity of the Month/Year: Partner with The Wolfpack Project as your designated charity of the month or year, where a portion of proceeds from sales or events is donated to support our programs and initiatives.

      Support the costs associated with running specific support groups or activities for young people.

      • £15 covers art-based materials for young people to help keep their minds healthy. This could include sketchbooks, paints, brushes, and other art supplies.
      • £30 pays for a one-to-one mental health session with a youth worker, providing personalized support and guidance to a young person in need.
      • £50 allows up to 15 young people to attend a social group and have refreshments in a comfortable setting, fostering social connections and a sense of belonging.
      • £100 provides funding for an activity trip, which helps young people avoid social isolation and experience activities like paddle-boarding and cinema trips with their peers, promoting physical and mental well-being.

      Collaborate on a campaign to raise awareness and promote positive mental health in the community. Regional campaigns could include initiatives such as mental health awareness weeks, community events, or social media campaigns focused on reducing stigma and increasing awareness of mental health issues.

        Work with The Wolfpack Project to develop bespoke initiatives tailored to your company’s objectives and interests. Customised initiatives could include employee volunteering programs, sponsorship of educational workshops or events, or the implementation of workplace mental health initiatives designed to support the well-being of employees.

          Our Partners

          These are just some of the wonderful partners we’ve teamed up with since 2019. Together, we’re making a difference in the lives of young people and building a stronger, more resilient community for all.

          Nottingham Building Society

          The Nottingham Building Society has a long and proud history of offering financial support and advice, providing customers with mortgages, savings products, insurance, financial planning and estate planning.NBS have partnered with us on a few projects; supporting with ideas around Chatterbox, providing resources for groups and working with us on Financial Wellbeing Campaigns.

          The Gym Group –    Sherwood Nottingham

          In 2022 Gym Group collaborated with us to promote physical well-being from Sherwood to Attenborough. They provided free Flexi-stretch classes each month, offering accessibility to exercise. Personal trainers also offered support to young people after sessions, enhancing community engagement. 

          Barratt Homes

          We were proud to partner with Barratt Homes, who actively support our efforts through their Community Fund scheme. This partnership exemplifies their commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve. Through their generous support, we’re able to take our stepping stones as a Charity. 

          Coop- Sherwood 

          Coop Sherwood has been a generous by providing refreshments like coffee, tea, biscuits etc for some of our support groups in the past. Their support has helped create welcoming and inclusive environments where young people can gather, connect, and receive support.

          The Nottingham Panthers

          The Nottingham Panthers have supported our Men’s Mental Health campaign through raffle tickets. These initiatives helped fundraise and provide community engagement opportunities Their contributions have also allowed young people to attend FREE matches and create memorable experiences.

          The Perkins Family

          Our longstanding partnership has been instrumental in hosting our events like chatty cafe, student socials and quiz nights at Baresca. These events provide young people with opportunities to socialise, engage in meaningful conversations and connections.

          Canal and River Trust 

          In the summer, we offer free paddle-boarding and canoeing groups, in collaboration with Canal & River Trust. These activities promote physical activity, social interaction, and personal growth, enriching the well-being of young participants in Nottinghamshire.

          Warhammer World 

          Through the Warhammer Alliance initiative, our support users engaged in hands-on sessions, learning model building, painting, and gameplay. Led by Warhammer experts, these sessions fostered creativity and community engagement and a way to be a part of the vibrant Warhammer community in Nottingham.

          Open Gardens 

          In 2022, we proudly served as the charity partner for The Park’s Garden Trail and Burton Joyce Open Gardens.As a result, we raised an impressive £6000.This partnership not only raised crucial funds but also strengthened our ties with the Nottingham’s local communities and showcased our commitment to making a meaningful difference.

          RSVip Network 

          RSViP Network, a business networking organisation based in Nottingham. Through their Charity of the Month initiative, we raised £1340 and engaged with businesses across the city, increasing awareness of our mission among the local business community.


          Our ongoing collaboration with CT4N (Community Transport for Nottingham) has involved support at their AGM and participation in day trips, facilitating access to enriching experiences for young people. This partnership has enabled us to offer recreational outings and social interaction opportunities and a sense of community among young people.

          Tesco Extra

          The Wolfpack Project was selected to participate in the Tesco Blue Token Campaign! This initiative allowed Tesco shoppers to vote for our charity through the Tesco Community Fund, providing a fantastic opportunity to engage a broader audience with our mission.Their local team played a vital role in setting up pop-ups for the campaign, attracting shoppers to vote for The Wolfpack Project.

          BBC Radio 

          BBC Radio Nottingham has helped raise awareness of our mission. We joined them broadcasting live from the Victoria Centre during their ‘Ey Up!’ campaign, we engaged the community in conversations about loneliness and mental health. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to addressing these issues and reaching a wider audience.

          Mansfield Building Society

          Our most recent affiliation through The Mansfield Community Support Scheme, in collaboration with The Mansfield Building Society, resulted in a generous funding grant of £750! This significant contribution has enabled us to expand our creative programs for young people in Nottingham.

          Universities and Colleges

          We have become a trusted partner for local authorities, universities, colleges, and over 50 other charities and community groups. We have been to more in-person events with our education partners (NTU, Uni of Notts, Nottingham College etc ) delivering a mix of stands and workshops to engage students in conversations and signpost to our support.

          We have really enjoyed working with the team at The Wolfpack Project on tacking some of the key areas which may lead to a younger person feeling isolated and alone, and some of the barriers that they face today.

          As a mutual, our business ethos is deeply embedded in the community and we believe we have a responsibility to help tackle those challenges facing today’s society, just like our founder, Samuel Fox. In turn, we have used this collaboration to support our own commitment to mental health and the wellbeing of our teams.

          Nottingham Building Society

          The Wolfpack Project is a fantastic charity and it’s a pleasure to have contributed towards its aims in tackling loneliness and improving mental health in Nottingham’s youth.

           The charity helps so many people across Nottinghamshire and we’re delighted to have been able to support its efforts through our Community Fund scheme.

          Mark Cotes

          Managing Director, Barratt and David Wilson Homes North Midlands

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