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If you would like to give directly to the work that we do, you can give an amount of your choosing here….

Enables us to offer telephone support to a younger people at risk of loneliness and poor mental health, where they can talk to a Mental Health First Aid-trained support worker in confidence about the challenges they’re facing.

Gives a younger people access to a one-to-one support session in person, where they can have a tea/coffee and talk to someone who knows how it feels to struggle with their mental health.

Could provide 5 younger people with a wellbeing Wolf-Pack, containing healthy snacks/drinks, puzzles, vital mental health resources and the means for those individuals to access additional support.

Provides funding for up to 3 support groups, where younger people can gain direct support alongside their peers, make new connections and build resilience to combat their feelings of loneliness and keep their mental health in check.

Every penny that you donate through our PayPal Funding Page goes straight to us instead of any third party platform. If you would like to know more about donating to us and how your donations help us, get in touch at

Charity of Choice

Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the lives of those we serve.

The following websites will allow you to choose The Wolfpack Project as your charity while shopping.

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Amazon Wishlist

Our Wishlist is filled with items that will greatly benefit our community space and enhance our support groups. Every little gesture counts in creating a nurturing environment for young individuals facing loneliness and mental health challenges in Nottingham. 

Additionally, before making a new purchase, please consider donating any items from our wishlist that you already own and no longer need. Your pre-loved items can make a significant impact in our community space and support groups.

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