Support for Individuals

At The Wolfpack Project, we know the importance of experience and empathy when it comes to loneliness and mental health. We provide a range of support that hopefully meets you where you are at and helps you create connections & build resilience. 

How to join The Wolfpack Project?


Fill up our sign up form

This is where you can tell us your name, pronouns, and any other important information about you.

Chat with the Team

We’ll contact you (email/phone) within 5 working days with more information about our services and to answer any questions you have. Our support manager will ask you relevant questions for a smoother onboarding process. 

Welcome to the pack!

You can now book free services like one-to-one sessions and get free tickets for our groups on Eventbrite after the call.

One-to-One Support

We know that coming straight into groups can be daunting, so we have times available in the week when you can chat with our Mental Health First Aid-trained Support Manager.

The sessions aim to provide a confidential space to chat and help with overcoming the barriers you may have around isolation and loneliness. This is not counselling, but can cover universal strategies around wellbeing and mindfulness, or just be a space to chat.

Our one-to-one support services are designed to provide compassionate and comprehensive assistance to young people experiencing loneliness and mental health challenges, empowering them to lead fulfilling and connected lives.

Get in touch with our team to book a slot. 

Please Note:

Sessions are booked for 40 minutes through a booking link, which can be in person or via Teams/phone. You can book for a maximum of one hour per day.

Groups and Events 

Through various social groups, events, and activities, we aim to create safe spaces and a support networks that helps build communities between isolated young people (aged 16-35) across Nottinghamshire

It's mandatory to reserve spot on Eventbrite before attending our groups and events.

We have several groups meet every month in the afternoons and evenings. They are always hosted by a member of The Wolfpack to help you feel at home. The group size can range from 5 to 20 people, and we strive to cover the cost of refreshments or materials. However, please check each group for full details. 

Throughout the year, we organise additional events like quiz nights, day trips, and cinema trips.

For any queries regarding our groups or Eventbrite tickets email us at

To stay informed, check out our socials or sign up for our monthly newsletter! 

Our groups range from coffee mornings to cinema trips, art workshops to walking groups, so that there is something that everyone will enjoy. Read more about some of our popular groups below. 

Coffee Groups and Winter Warmers

We offer a drop in warm space, where you can come, hang out over a cuppa (Drinks and refreshments on us!) and meet others. Feel free to come for some or all of the time. We may have activities to do, like games or quizzes or you can bring your own thing to do too.If you are new to The Wolfpack or prefer being in a smaller group, then this is the ideal group for you. 


Boardgames is an afternoon where we pop the kettle on, crack out the games and chat. We provide the refreshments and have a variety of games to choose from, so you just need to bring yourselves. If you did have a particular game you wanted to bring, we are always up for learning something new. If it’s your first time coming along, this is a great way to meet a smaller number of people before trying a bigger social.

Arts and Crafts

Each month, we try our hands and minds at something different to explore our creative sides. We’ll provide the materials for the session, which typically includes something you can take home, so bring a bag with you. There will be refreshments during the session and the team will be on hand to help with activities and getting to know each other. If it’s your first time coming along, this is a great way to meet an interesing crowd as its a very popular group. 

Evening Socials

Our evening socials are a great way to meet a larger group of people in a chilled out environment. Someone from the team will be there to welcome you and get the first round of hot/soft drinks. We meet to hang out and have a go in the arcade spaces or have little activities planned based on venue. Our top spots are : Beeston Social, Mojo, Baresca, Blind Rabbit, Blend and many more across Nottingham.

Walking Groups

Over the warmer summer months, we love to explore and connect with the nature on our doorstep. There are so many great places to wander, so join us each month to find your new favourite places. During the walk, we might take part in some mindful activities, such as a meditation or grounding technique. If it’s your first time coming along, this is a great way to meet a smaller number of people before trying a bigger social.

We will try and go to places that are accessible by public transport and contain solid paths. The weather is beyond our control, so please check on the day for appropriate clothing. If conditions are unsuitable to be outside, then we will make the decision to postpone the walk as soon as we can.

LGBTQ+ Huddle

This is a space to meet other LGBT+ young adults in The Wolfpack Project and Nottinghamshire. We typically meet at Broadway Cinema as an Ally venue, This is a chance to socialise with others from the LGBT+ Community. Someone from our team will be around and  cover the cost of one cold or hot soft drink.If it’s your first time coming along, this is a great way to meet a local LGBTQ+ members and feel at home. 

Movie Club

This is a space where we pop the kettle on, chill and watch a film of your choice. We provide refreshments, so you just need to bring yourselves. Keep an eye on social media for a chance to share a film you’d like to see with others. If it’s your first time coming along or you are a little nervous about talking to new people , This is great group to slowly ease into conversation and great way to meet a smaller number of people before trying a bigger social.