This policy sets out how The Wolfpack Project (“we”) aim to repay the trust you have shown by sharing your personal data with us. 

Who are “we”?

In this policy, whenever you see the words “we”, “us” or “our”, it refers to The Wolfpack Project. The full legal information for the charity is: The Wolfpack Project is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) (Registered Charity Number 1184390). 

What is personal data?

Personal data is information that can be used to help identify an individual, such as a full name, address, phone number or email address.

The policy in brief

Itʼs important that you read the full policy to understand what information we hold, how we may use it, and what your rights are – but if you donʼt have time to read it all now, hereʼs a quick summary: 

We collect information that is either personal data (as outlined above) or non-personal data (such as IP addresses, pages accessed etc.) We collect information about the people we assist, supporters, volunteers and employees. We collect information to provide services, to provide information, to fundraise for our life changing work and for administration. We only collect the information that we need. We do our very best to keep personal information secure, including SSL technology (secure server software) wherever we collect personal data online. We never sell your data and we will never share it with another company or charity for marketing purposes. We only share data where we are required by law or with carefully selected partners who work with us. All our partners are required to treat your data as carefully as we would, to only use it as instructed, and to allow us to check that they do this. Our websites use cookies – for more information check our Cookies Policy.

The Wolfpack Project (“we”) promise to respect any personal data you share with us, or that we get from other organisations and keep it safe. We aim to be clear when we collect your data and not do anything you wouldnʼt reasonably expect. Developing a better understanding of our supporters through their personal data allows us make better decisions and fundraise more efficiently. We have made improvements to this policy to make it more understandable to supporters. We will be moving to an ‘opt-in onlyʼ communication policy. This means that we will only send marketing communications to those that have explicitly stated that they are happy for us to do so via their preferred channel(s) (email, phone or post). Our marketing communications include information about our latest transfers, campaigns and appeals. If you would like to receive such communications but have not opted in please contact us on

We collect information in the following ways: 

• When you give it to us DIRECTLY You may give us your information in order to sign up for one of our events, tell us your story, make a donation or communicate with us. 

• When you give it to us INDIRECTLY Your information may be shared with us by independent event organisers, for example the London Marathon or fundraising sites like Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving. These independent third parties will only do so when you have indicated that you wish to support The Wolfpack Project and with your consent. You should check their Privacy Policy when you provide your information to understand fully how they will process your data.

When we collect it as you use our WEBSITE Like most websites, we use “cookies” to help us make our site – and the way you use it – better. Cookies mean that a website will remember you. Theyʼre small text files that sites transfer to your computer (or phone or tablet). They make interacting with a website faster and easier – for example by automatically filling your name and address in text fields. There are more details in our Cookie Policy. The type and quantity of information we collect and how we use it depends on why you are providing it. Supporters If you support us, for example make a donation, volunteer, register to fundraise, sign up for an event we will usually collect: 

• Your name 

• Your contact details

• Your date of birth Where it is appropriate we may also ask for: 

• Information relating to your health (for example if you are taking part in a high risk event) 

 • Why you have decided to donate to us. We will never make this question mandatory, and only want to know the answer if you are comfortable telling us.


We will mainly use your data to: 

• Provide you with the services or information you asked for 

• Administer your donation or support your fundraising, including processing Gift Aid 

• Keep a record of your relationship with us 

• Ensure we know how you prefer to be contacted 

• Understand how we can improve our services or information.


We may also use your personal information to detect and reduce fraud and credit risk. Direct Marketing With your consent, we will contact you to let you know about the progress we are making and to ask for donations or other support. We make it easy for you to tell us how you want us to communicate, in a way that suits you. Our forms have clear marketing preference questions and we include information on how to opt out when we send you marketing. If you donʼt want to hear from us, thatʼs fine. Just let us know when you provide your data or contact us on We do not sell or share personal details to third parties for the purposes of marketing. But, if we run an event in partnership with another named organisation your details may need to be shared. We will be very clear what will happen to your data when you register. Sharing your story Some people choose to tell us about their experiences to help further our work. This may include them sharing sensitive information related to them in addition to their biographical and contact information. If we have the explicit and informed consent of the individuals, or their parent or guardian if they are under 18, this information may be made public by us at events, in materials promoting our campaigning and fundraising work, or in documents such as our annual report. In such cases the information will always be anonymised and permission can be withdrawn at any time. 


Further information We undertake regular reviews of who has access to information that we hold to ensure that your information is only accessible by appropriately trained staff. We may need to disclose your details if required to the police, regulatory bodies or legal advisors. We will only ever share your data in other circumstances if we have your explicit and informed consent. You have a right to ask us to stop processing your personal data, and if itʼs not necessary for the purpose you provided it to us for (e.g. processing your donation or registering you for an event) we will do so. Contact us on if you have any concerns. If you want to access your information, send a description of the information you want to see and proof of your identity by email to the Director of The Wolfpack Project on