Fighting Loneliness and promoting positive mental health for young people in Nottingham

We are Nottingham’s only youth organisation dedicated to reducing loneliness and promoting positive mental health among people aged 16-35. 

Through a combination of one to one support, social groups, events, and more, we aim to create support networks and build communities between isolated young people.

Run by Nottingham locals who have had personal experience with loneliness and isolation in their lives, we are passionate about providing safe and welcoming spaces to all young people, regardless of background or circumstance.

We are proud to work with young people from all walks of life, encouraging them to build confidence, resilience, tolerance, and empathy, whilst improving their social skills and making new friends. 

Would you like to join our Wolfpack?



Why we are needed more than ever…

75% of young people who experience a mental health problem aren’t getting the help they need.

Research shows that chronic loneliness can have a significant impact on your overall health, including your mental health. 
Long term feelings of loneliness and social isolation can also reduce cognitive skills, such as the ability to concentrate, make decisions, problem-solve, and even change negative self-beliefs, which can ultimately lead to depression.

Chronic, or long-term, loneliness can afflict all types of people. Its easy to assume that someone whos naturally shy and introverted might be most at risk, but outgoing personalities can also suffer from chronic loneliness, even though they may appear to be the life of the party. 

And chronic loneliness for among young people is only getting worse.

Less than 1 in 3 young people with a mental health condition get access to NHS care and treatment (YoungMinds)

16-24 year olds are the age group most likely to feel lonely often or all the time (Office of National Statistics)

1/4 students have mental health problems (77% of which have depression, and 74% have anxiety) (YouGov)

But there is opportunity to make things better…


58% of young people say they are “more motivated than ever” to work for a positive future (Coop Foundation)

Almost two thirds of young people (65%) say they are more likely to reach out to friends who they think may need help (Coop Foundation)

89% of young people have taken an action that has helped to combat their feelings of loneliness (Coop Foundation)

support we provide

The Wolfpack Project offers supportive, meaningful connections for young people through one-to-one support with our Mental Health First Aid-Trained support team, as well as the chance of making new connections and meeting friends through our social groups. 

We run a variety of social groups and events for young people to get involved with, helping them to build bonds and create a social support network that they can rely on. Our groups range from coffee mornings to cinema trips, art workshops to walking groups, so that there is something that everyone will enjoy.

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